Cosmopolitan tourist resort with international fame, Benitses is for many travelers to why...

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    Paleokastritsa is the most famous tourist resort of Corfu. This is an area of unique beaut...

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    Sidari is arguably the seaport of northern Corfu benchmark for every visitor. Located 32 k...

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    The seaport of northeastern coast. Located 13 km from the city and in an area full of oliv...

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    Perama is a popular seaside tourist resort located in the southern part of the island, opp...

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    The Cannon is the most photographed site on the island. 4 km south of Corfu Town and is on...

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    After Kontokali at a distance of about 9 km from the center, we find Gouvia. It is a popul...

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    Agios Gordios is one of the busy tourist settlements of southwest Corfu. It is 16 km from ...

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    The beach of Glyfada is one of the nicest in Corfu. Located 16 km west of the city and ext...

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    Another tourist resort of Corfu, located in the northwestern tip of the island at a distan...

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    Coastal village located 20 kilometers south of the city. The area is characterized by the ...

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    In the northwestern part of the island, 40 km away. about the city meet the village Karous...

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Gouvia Marina
Within walking distance from the town of Corfu in Gouvia, there is a lovely fully furnished and equipped marina 960 seats. You will also find marinas and mooring areas in Benitses, Ipsos, Kassiopi, Lefkimmi, Paleokastritsa, the Petriti, Agni, Agios Stefanos Sinion the Avlioton Agios Stefanos and Agios Georgios Armenia. Sailing and yachting in the Ionian Sea is really a wonderful experience because it allows you to explore areas where you can not go by other means.
The Ionian is ideal for boat trips, as the waters are almost always calm, and when it is windy, usually do not exceed 5 knots in speed.
For more information, contact the following telephone numbers:
• Marina Gouvia: Tel 26610 91475 or 91376
• Corfu Nautical Club: Tel 22610 30470
• Corfu Sailing Club: Tel 22610 25759

Sports Activities
The nature, sea and history of Corfu have made sure that you are today, where they come, and if you stay, whatever type you are, to find original and interesting situations to work out and have fun. In a place with tourist tradition at least 130 years, influenced by the "good society" in England, France and Venice, of course, in a place that used to gather the international jet-set for many decades, the possibilities for sports and recreation is certainly impressive.
See below what you can find in Corfu, use the search to find who, where and how for whatever activity you are interested and agenda to see the sport hapennings who "run". Enjoy.

 The cricket has been very successful in Corfu due to the influence of British culture on the island.
The residents of Corfu playing cricket since 1835. During summer cricket festival conducted Square Esplanade.
If you are on the island during the festival to miss a match. For more information, contact the Cricket Club Corfu: Tel +30 26610 41205


 Corfu is famous for its beautiful beaches. Most have sunbeds and umbrellas, clear waters and water sports facilities, cafes, taverns and restaurants.
The most spectacular beaches located in Acharavi Agios Georgios (North Corfu), Agios Georgios (South Corfu), Agni, Arillas, Barbati, Benitses, Dassia, Ermones on the gardenia, Glyfada, Ipsos , Kalami, Kaminaki, Kassiopi, Kavos, the cut, the Kontokali, Messonghi to, the Myrtiotissa, Moraitika, Nissaki, Paleokastritsa, the Paramona, Peroulades, Roda and Sidari.

Water Sports
 In all major beaches are platforms in the sea where professional instructors will introduce you to the magic of traveling above the waves skiing, jet skiing, parachute surfing and traditional (and slower) pedalos and canoes, are available for you to explore in a hurry or isolate all inaccessible beaches.
The safety rules are strict, frequent audits and serious professionals, so do not worry: water sports in Corfu is safe and enjoyable.

 The good thing about golf is that it is a sport that can be done anywhere in the world as long as there is one and only Conditions for: golf. And Corfu has golf (18 holes) and even famous. But it has the infrastructure and amenities that a golfer would need but also a unique environment that will delight you.
Ropa Valley: PO 71, 49100, Corfu
• Tel. / Fax: +30 26610 94220
• Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 H Corfu tops in regard to underwater activity. The beaches and bays, coves and endless reefs, is a paradise for the young and old fans of the seabed. From the month of June and then the sea warm enough and everyone can comfortably deal with the underwater activity that he likes. Regardless of whether the goal is angling to ensure the delicacy of the gang or underwater photographs or even wandering for hours with mask and snorkel, the bottom of Corfu is exciting. If you are a graduate divers then you should know that Corfu is one of the few places in Greece where permitted freely diving with air.
If you have no previous experience in this sport, do not worry. To dive or not need to be an athlete, or hold your breath for five minutes. Arkei to be healthy and know how to swim. Apefthyntheite to any of the ten diving centers or schools that are scattered throughout the island, to arrange a dive. And centers and schools offer experienced trainers and fully equipped. Indicative, the diploma one star (the first level of education, which entitles amateur diving with air tanks) costs 60-70,000 drachmas. and the training lasts one to two weeks. Seriously, go to Corfu and you will lose the opportunity for a katadysoula?
Guests can make underwater photography, to film a video camera or do snorkeling. If you are a beginner, there are many diving schools on the island where you can go for lessons.
Some schools indication is:
• Corfu Diving Center: Paleokastritsa, Corfu - Tel. / Fax: +30 26630 41604
• Ionian Divers: Dassia, Corfu - Tel +30 26610 90320, Fax: +30 26610 95174
• Nautilus Diving: Moraitika, Corfu - Tel +30 26620 76684

 The riding in Corfu is a unique experience due to its stunning natural beauty, narrow trails and the beautiful beach with the island.
Few places in Greece there are so many possibilities for riding as Corfu. The dense vegetation, countless abandoned trails and habits left by the time the British ruled the island now giving the rider unique capabilities enjoyable riding. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, the horse riding in Corfu will provide you with the right horse and special companion who will guide you to places that only a good horse can reach.
For more information, contact Some of the riding schools on the island.

 In recent years paragliding and parasailing have become a very popular sport.
You will find several facilities at beaches and hills of Corfu. For more information, ask the group Gliding and Paragliding in Agios Gordios beach or water sports kiosks located around the island.

Mountain Biking
 Today, more than 6,000 people a year come to Corfu exclusively for cycling while exactly twice as many bikes to rent some of their vacation days. All of them consider Corfu paradise as their hobby. By bike you can go to places that are discovered only on foot, you can feel the place and its people, you can feel the peace and tranquility and swim on your own deserted beach on the day in mid-August. The slow bike ride in shady streets or the feeling of comfort on routes through the rivers, are experiences You ought to know.
Cyclists have the opportunity to see the villages or enjoy the lush mountain scenery. Cycling is a great way to explore the island and visit its attractions.
There are numerous bicycle rental agencies where you can purchase the bike of your choice.

 The first time I played tennis in Greece, was in Corfu at the end of 1800. Since then the descendants of "good families" continue to this day to the sport that has now gained ground and wider society. Apart from the historic Corfu Tennis Club (Tennis Club for Corfu), has created new private and group golf package while there are many hotels on the island. Yet it is important to know that games from the World Cup hosted on the island every summer.
You will find several golf hired.
For more information contact the Tennis Club Corfu: Tel +30 22610 37021

Mountain Hiking - Climbing
 With the wonderful natural beauty, Corfu offers trekking enthusiasts and climbers endless hours of exploration.
The lush vegetation, the abandoned villages, deserted churches and passable terrain make hiking in Corfu extremely interesting. Rare wildflowers, Byzantine and Venetian buildings, "secret" lakes and small rivers will find on your way to the first "off road" route to the island kanete.Polloi municipalities have organized path networks with adequate signage and resting points, thereby assisting the tour your Corfiot nature.
You can start it yourself or contact the schools mountain hiking (trekking) and climbing, where you go on organized excursions with trained staff.
For more information, contact the Mountaineering Club Corfu: Tel +30 22610 39481




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