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Written by on 30/04/2013

The site www.corfu-hotels.gr

is an Internet Travel Guide for the island of Kerkyra on the identification and promotion of the island!

Our goal is through our tourist guide, full induction of the potential visitor to the island of Kefalonia in access, accommodation, entertainment, dining, activities and excursions. In these difficult times, came www.corfu-hotels.gr for an effective promotion of your business with substance and style.
For any questions do not hesitate to contact us by the contact form you can find on the right.


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Written by on 29/04/2013

Whether in Kerkyra



Written by on 22/04/2013

Gouvia Marina
Within walking distance from the town of Corfu in Gouvia, there is a lovely fully furnished and equipped marina 960 seats. You will also find marinas and mooring areas in Benitses, Ipsos, Kassiopi, Lefkimmi, Paleokastritsa, the Petriti, Agni, Agios Stefanos Sinion the Avlioton Agios Stefanos and Agios Georgios Armenia. Sailing and yachting in the Ionian Sea is really a wonderful experience because it allows you to explore areas where you can not go by other means.
The Ionian is ideal for boat trips, as the waters are almost always calm, and when it is windy, usually do not exceed 5 knots in speed.
For more information, contact the following telephone numbers:
• Marina Gouvia: Tel 26610 91475 or 91376
• Corfu Nautical Club: Tel 22610 30470
• Corfu Sailing Club: Tel 22610 25759

Sports Activities
The nature, sea and history of Corfu have made sure that you are today, where they come, and if you stay, whatever type you are, to find original and interesting situations to work out and have fun. In a place with tourist tradition at least 130 years, influenced by the "good society" in England, France and Venice, of course, in a place that used to gather the international jet-set for many decades, the possibilities for sports and recreation is certainly impressive.
See below what you can find in Corfu, use the search to find who, where and how for whatever activity you are interested and agenda to see the sport hapennings who "run". Enjoy.

 The cricket has been very successful in Corfu due to the influence of British culture on the island.
The residents of Corfu playing cricket since 1835. During summer cricket festival conducted Square Esplanade.
If you are on the island during the festival to miss a match. For more information, contact the Cricket Club Corfu: Tel +30 26610 41205


 Corfu is famous for its beautiful beaches. Most have sunbeds and umbrellas, clear waters and water sports facilities, cafes, taverns and restaurants.
The most spectacular beaches located in Acharavi Agios Georgios (North Corfu), Agios Georgios (South Corfu), Agni, Arillas, Barbati, Benitses, Dassia, Ermones on the gardenia, Glyfada, Ipsos , Kalami, Kaminaki, Kassiopi, Kavos, the cut, the Kontokali, Messonghi to, the Myrtiotissa, Moraitika, Nissaki, Paleokastritsa, the Paramona, Peroulades, Roda and Sidari.

Water Sports
 In all major beaches are platforms in the sea where professional instructors will introduce you to the magic of traveling above the waves skiing, jet skiing, parachute surfing and traditional (and slower) pedalos and canoes, are available for you to explore in a hurry or isolate all inaccessible beaches.
The safety rules are strict, frequent audits and serious professionals, so do not worry: water sports in Corfu is safe and enjoyable.

 The good thing about golf is that it is a sport that can be done anywhere in the world as long as there is one and only Conditions for: golf. And Corfu has golf (18 holes) and even famous. But it has the infrastructure and amenities that a golfer would need but also a unique environment that will delight you.
Ropa Valley: PO 71, 49100, Corfu
• Tel. / Fax: +30 26610 94220
• Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 H Corfu tops in regard to underwater activity. The beaches and bays, coves and endless reefs, is a paradise for the young and old fans of the seabed. From the month of June and then the sea warm enough and everyone can comfortably deal with the underwater activity that he likes. Regardless of whether the goal is angling to ensure the delicacy of the gang or underwater photographs or even wandering for hours with mask and snorkel, the bottom of Corfu is exciting. If you are a graduate divers then you should know that Corfu is one of the few places in Greece where permitted freely diving with air.
If you have no previous experience in this sport, do not worry. To dive or not need to be an athlete, or hold your breath for five minutes. Arkei to be healthy and know how to swim. Apefthyntheite to any of the ten diving centers or schools that are scattered throughout the island, to arrange a dive. And centers and schools offer experienced trainers and fully equipped. Indicative, the diploma one star (the first level of education, which entitles amateur diving with air tanks) costs 60-70,000 drachmas. and the training lasts one to two weeks. Seriously, go to Corfu and you will lose the opportunity for a katadysoula?
Guests can make underwater photography, to film a video camera or do snorkeling. If you are a beginner, there are many diving schools on the island where you can go for lessons.
Some schools indication is:
• Corfu Diving Center: Paleokastritsa, Corfu - Tel. / Fax: +30 26630 41604
• Ionian Divers: Dassia, Corfu - Tel +30 26610 90320, Fax: +30 26610 95174
• Nautilus Diving: Moraitika, Corfu - Tel +30 26620 76684

 The riding in Corfu is a unique experience due to its stunning natural beauty, narrow trails and the beautiful beach with the island.
Few places in Greece there are so many possibilities for riding as Corfu. The dense vegetation, countless abandoned trails and habits left by the time the British ruled the island now giving the rider unique capabilities enjoyable riding. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, the horse riding in Corfu will provide you with the right horse and special companion who will guide you to places that only a good horse can reach.
For more information, contact Some of the riding schools on the island.

 In recent years paragliding and parasailing have become a very popular sport.
You will find several facilities at beaches and hills of Corfu. For more information, ask the group Gliding and Paragliding in Agios Gordios beach or water sports kiosks located around the island.

Mountain Biking
 Today, more than 6,000 people a year come to Corfu exclusively for cycling while exactly twice as many bikes to rent some of their vacation days. All of them consider Corfu paradise as their hobby. By bike you can go to places that are discovered only on foot, you can feel the place and its people, you can feel the peace and tranquility and swim on your own deserted beach on the day in mid-August. The slow bike ride in shady streets or the feeling of comfort on routes through the rivers, are experiences You ought to know.
Cyclists have the opportunity to see the villages or enjoy the lush mountain scenery. Cycling is a great way to explore the island and visit its attractions.
There are numerous bicycle rental agencies where you can purchase the bike of your choice.

 The first time I played tennis in Greece, was in Corfu at the end of 1800. Since then the descendants of "good families" continue to this day to the sport that has now gained ground and wider society. Apart from the historic Corfu Tennis Club (Tennis Club for Corfu), has created new private and group golf package while there are many hotels on the island. Yet it is important to know that games from the World Cup hosted on the island every summer.
You will find several golf hired.
For more information contact the Tennis Club Corfu: Tel +30 22610 37021

Mountain Hiking - Climbing
 With the wonderful natural beauty, Corfu offers trekking enthusiasts and climbers endless hours of exploration.
The lush vegetation, the abandoned villages, deserted churches and passable terrain make hiking in Corfu extremely interesting. Rare wildflowers, Byzantine and Venetian buildings, "secret" lakes and small rivers will find on your way to the first "off road" route to the island kanete.Polloi municipalities have organized path networks with adequate signage and resting points, thereby assisting the tour your Corfiot nature.
You can start it yourself or contact the schools mountain hiking (trekking) and climbing, where you go on organized excursions with trained staff.
For more information, contact the Mountaineering Club Corfu: Tel +30 22610 39481



Written by on 22/04/2013

The site www.corfu-hotels.gr web portal  is a Tourist Guide for the island of Corfu on the promotion and enhancement of the island!

Our goal is through our tourist guide, full induction of potential visitors to the island of Corfu in access, accommodation, entertainment, dining, activities and excursions. In these difficult times, came www.corfu-hotels.gr for a meaningful view of your business with substance and style.

Are you a hotel owner? Do you own  rooms, luxury villas, residences, retail catering, travel agencies, rental of car-motorbike-ship, or are you  engaged in the tourism industry on the island of Corfu and want to advertise in the best possible way?

If you are involved professionally in tourism and you want your business to have only with 100 euros :
- Separate registration page for each type of business in 3 different places in our guide.
- Direct link to your page.
- View all the details (address, phone, fax, web, email)
- Have as many pictures of your business as you like.
- Free listing of hotels that offer on-line booking system, reservation through the on-line     booking of www.corfu-hotels.gr
- View all your benefits and your bids
- Free Change pictures and / or information on 24-hour account management.
- Free registration of your business if there is any discount offer to our discount website www.tripdeals.gr
 www.corfu-hotels.gr is always high in the search engines to critical  key words and therefore you upraise your advertising. Each quarter of the year you will receive analysis reports with traffic data in order to evaluate our work. For any question we will be glad to assist you immediately!

There is also the premium package that includes all the above and banner advertising on all pages browser (such as companies Alexopoulos Construction and Kalavryton Gi) and priced upon request.
Payment is by bank transfer.
Each registration is valid for one year.
Prices do not include VAT.
Owner and manager of all rights is  Spot-Greece.
TEL: 26910 to 41802
FAX: 26910 to 43695
MOB: 6959988887
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
website: www.corfu-hotels.gr


Written by on 22/04/2013

The www.corfu-hotels.gr in its development policy seeks delegates to the island of Corfu. Quickly and easily increase your income through the tourist guide on the island of Corfu.

For more information please contact:

Tel: 26910 41802

MOBILE: 6959988887

E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Written by on 22/04/2013

Corfu or Kairkyra is one of the northernmost islands of the Ionian Sea. Located at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea, near the coast of Epirus. The northeastern coast of approaching enough (approx. 2 km) off the coast of Saranda in Albania.
Oblong shaped, wider in northern and narrows to the south. The beaches have a total length of 217 km and form several bays and headlands. The terrain is mostly mountainous, particularly in the north. Foreigners call bosom (England Corfu), the two peaks appear as the visitor approaches the island. Highest peaks is the Almighty (ancient tissues, 914 m) and Stravoskiadi (849 m).
It is one of the most densely populated islands in the Mediterranean with a population density of 193 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Corfu Town
Main entry: Corfu (city)
Coat of Corfu
The town of Corfu is characterized by intense Venetian elements but also many English and French influences. It is a cosmopolitan city that exudes a sense of nobility, with the main attractions the great Esplanade Square, which is the largest square in the Balkans, the Old and the New Castle, City Hall (Theatre San Giacomo), Cannon, Mon Repo and Museums Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History.
Perhaps the most famous attraction is the island in front of the Cannon, connected to it by a small strip of land on which stands the church of Notre Blachernae and the famous Mouse Island. On this small island is a small church of the Almighty in the 11th or 12th century. Also notable buildings are the Palace and George Michael, one of the finest Georgian style palaces that left the British rule. Traditional dishes of Corfiot cuisine is "pastitsada", the "sofrito" and "bourdeto." Corfu town has a population of 28,185 inhabitants (2001) and is one of the oldest cities in Greece. Patron is Saint Spiridon Tremithus the afthoro relics which hosted the namesake church, which is one of the most special present. Every year visited by thousands of visitors from all parts of Greece, but also many foreigners.
The Municipality of Corfu is the most populated municipality of Corfu, since it includes the entire city of Corfu, which is also the capital of the prefecture of Corfu. Has Venetian mansions and buildings are ydrochromatismena the traditional Corfiot ocher. It has many churches, the most important of which is the Catholic Cathedral of Saints James and Christopher, Eastern Diocese of the Virgin Spiliotissa the church of St. Spyridon. Has historic buildings, such as the English Commissioner, the old palace of the Archangel Michael and St. George, which houses the only museum in Greece Sinoiaponiko, Liston, the mansion Kapodistrias, the Metropolitan Building, the building of the Reading Society of Corfu, in the old mansion Ionian Bank, the current City Hall, the famous Theatre of San Giacomo, the building of the Ionian Isles, the building of the Ionian Academy, which houses the Rectorate of the Ionian University.
The city has all the modern facilities, banks, police, military, municipal services, television and radio stations, international seaport and airport accessible to every type of aircraft. It is the seat of the Ionian University, Corfu Prefecture Ionian Islands Region.

Achilles dying in the gardens of Achilles
History of Corfu
The pediment of Medusa in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu
Remains of human presence in Corfu is by the Paleolithic era, but also from the Neolithic period have been found in different areas remains. From the Homeric era lived the famous Phaeacians who were of Phoenician origin. The first Greek colonists who settled is from Eretria in Euboea. The island has been inhabited by Illyrians. Then settled Corinthians led Chersicrates in 734 BC Along with the metropolis of Corinth founded Epidamnus, now Durres. Corfu, being a colony of Corinth, he wanted to become independent. This was an opportunity for Athens to get involved by taking part in Corfu. This was one of the causes of the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. For a long time lived in Corfu and Alexander the Great in his youth. The island quickly fell into the hands of the Romans during the gradual spread eastward. Number barbarians passed and plundered the island during the Byzantine period because it was the opposite bridgehead for continental coast and the gatekeeper of the Adriatic. Vandals, Ostrogoths from the shores of southern Italy which literally ravage these areas hurt the peace process on the island at the time. Then followed hard Normans Northern Europeans at that time had conquered southern Italy and Sicily. Their leader Guiscard conquered Corfu.
The fortress of Angelokastro in Corfu. The Byzantine battlements Angelokastro successfully resisted the Turkish siege of 1571

Idyllic view of the harbor in late 190y century. Estia magazine in 1894.
After the conquest of Constantinople by the Franks and distribution of territories from Byzantine conquerors reached Corfu by the Venetians, with intervals of regaining the Greeks, but again conquered by the Angevins in 1267. Returned to the Venetians in 1386 and started for a long period of Corfu Venetian gave color and the air as we can see today. This time the island has experienced strong growth and economic prosperity, the city of Corfu was in the fort, but had spread out a new non-walled city but so is exposed to all kinds of raids allofylon. And to address any hostile action effectively created a huge area in front of the fort today Esplanade Square. In 1431 for the first time appeared on the Turkish island and tried in vain to understand.
In 1537 the Turks under the command of the fleet terrible Barbarossa destroyed the city outside the walls and ravaged the countryside of Corfu taking 20,000 prisoners. In 1571 the Turks returned to lay siege to the city without mania eventually result but destroyed the island from end to end. Following these events, the Venice fortified the new town called new fortress, trying to protect the island from the raids of the Turks.
In 1716 the Turks returned with numerous army to occupy the island, but with very good defense and the supervision of Marshal Soulempourgk and this brought no siege the Turks achieve the desired results. Venice, although left an indelible stamp on Corfu, failed to adequately protect her because she lived large massacres and destruction of the Turkish raids. In 1797 until 1799, Corfu passed into the hands of the French. Then came a peculiar Rosiki occupation. After many discussions between the Russians decided to found the Seven Islands.
In 1807 as in 1814 and returned to the French Napoleon in Corfu and during their presence gave a sense of color and the French city. With the collapse of imperial Napoleonic French, English army occupies Corfu in 1815 and remained there until 1864, when the island was incorporated into Greece with the other Ionian Islands.
The numbers in Corfu
• Area: 591 sq. km (641 sq. km. Entire county also includes Paxos, Antipaxos and the small islands Othoni, Mathraki and Ereikoussa)
• County Population: 111,975 inhabitants (2001)
• Capital: Corfu (28,185 inhabitants)
• Zip Code: 49100 (City) 49080-49081-49082-49083-49084
• Telephone Code: 26610 (Corfu), 26630 (North Coast), 26620 (South Corfu)
Corfu is in the Ionian islands of Corfu and the county, consisting of the island along with the islands of Paxos, Paxos, Othoni, Mathraki and Ereikoussa.
Corfu Town is the capital of the prefecture and the Ionian Islands.
According to the 2001 census, the island had 107,879 inhabitants. Divided into twelve municipalities, which are the following (in parenthesis their population according to the census of 2001):
• Municipality of Corfu (39387)
• Municipality of Aghios Georgios (4958)
• Municipality of Achillion (10319)
• Municipality Esperion (8136)
• Municipality Thinalia based in Acharavi (5512)
• Municipality of Kassiopi (2787)
• Municipality Korission (5206)
• Municipality Lefkimmeon (6704)
• Municipality Meliteieon (6690)
• Municipality nbspPaleokastriton (4395)
• Municipality Parelion (7197)
• Municipality of Corfu (6488)
There are still a municipality and three communities that are located in small islands homonyms:
• Municipality of Paxos that includes the Grape (2438)
• Community Ereikoussa (698)
• Community Mathraki (297)
• Community Othoni (663)

Mouse and Cannon

Coordinates 39 ° 35'28 .60 "N 19 ° 51'50 .54" ESyntetagmenes: 39 ° 35'28 .60 "N 19 ° 51'50 .54" E (Map)

Ionian Sea Archipelago

Ionian cluster

592 km2 area

Top Top Almighty
(914 m)


Region Region of Ionian Islands

Prefecture of Corfu

Capital Corfu (city)

Demographic Characteristics
Population 107,879 (Census 2001)
Density 182 / km2


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www.kerkyra.gr  Prefecture of Corfu
www.corfu.gr  The official website of the Municipality of Corfu
www.ionio.gr  Ionian University
www.fek.gr  Philharmonic Society of Corfu
www.cricket.gr  Greek Cricket Federation Corfu
www.epskerkyras.gr  Union Football Club Corfu
www.corfutaxi.gr  Corfu Taxi Owners Association
www.elia.org.gr   ELIA - MIET. One of the most important Greek literary and historical records, and information about Corfu


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